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Mental Health

PA Thrive is partnered with an organization known as Journey to a Trauma Informed Life. which connects individuals living with HIV in northwest and north-central Pennsylvania to mental health services. Services are provided by referral through PA Thrive’s medical case management or clinical staff and appointments can be conducted either in person or via telehealth. Journey to a Trauma Informed Life provides an assessment within 72 hours after referral.

A wide range of insurance is accepted, however services are available whether or not you have insurance. Mental health providers are trained and have experience working with the LGBTQIA+ community. 

Individuals, families, and children/adolescents are welcome. Holistic therapies such as art, yoga, reiki, and others are available as needed. Our staff includes several multilingual members who will happily provide linguistic services where applicable. 

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How do I know if Mental Health services are right for me?

We are fortunate to have a number of teams at PA Thrive Partnership with a Wide range of expertise. If you are living with HIV, you can start by getting connected with a case manager, who will help to connect you with the right mental health services for you, even if you’re unfamiliar with the mental health landscape.

Who should seek Mental Health services?

It’s recommended that anyone ask their provider about the benefits of MHS. Receiving services does not mean that lthere is something wrong with you or that you are “crazy”. Your mind, just like your body, is a part of your overall health, and people living with HIV often have much to gain from engaging with MHS.

If I enter into Mental Health Services, will this be confidential? What if I don't have easy access to transportation?

You’re in luck, because Journey to a Trauma Informed Life is located in the same building as our Erie office. Confidentiality is taken very seriously by our staff, and your status both as a person living with HIV and a person receiving mental health services are of the utmost importance to us. Additionally, transportation can be provided to eligible recipients of case management services, and online meetings (known as “Telehealth”) can be arranged for MHS.

How soon can I get connected?

Call now, and our expert staff will find the best services for you. If you are living with HIV, you are not alone. Contact us at 833-4HIV-HELP to see what options are available to you.

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