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Patient Success Stories


“I have been through all of the challenges of HIV, including those of the newly diagnosed and much more. Living with it in the early days was so challenging and services were so rare.

“When I got in touch with PA Thrive Partnership many years ago, they only had two employees but since then they’ve grown to include more and more services, such as a medical clinic with its own providers and traveling case management services. Through the years, I’ve received just about all of the services available.

“I am now living as a healthy 76-year-old without any symptoms of HIV. As someone living with HIV for more than 35 years, PA Thrive was not only there for me in the early days, but has continued to this day, giving me the support I needed and a future, as well as helping me to thrive. The name is appropriate!”

“After coming out of prison and being newly diagnosed with HIV, I had no idea where to turn to, what to do, or how I was going to be able to afford my medication. After receiving a referral from a doctor who was over an hour away from me, I thought I would be better served by PA Thrive.

“They have helped me in more ways than I can count. They’ve handled virtually all of my medical needs, including appointments and medications, and they’ve even helped me see a nutrition specialist. With the help of PA Thrive, I’ve been able to stay undetectable. I also haven’t had to worry about the cost of my meds, which is huge. I’ve even been able to quit smoking thanks to their services.

“PA Thrive has literally given me a new lease on life, and a much healthier one that I could have ever gotten on my own. I can’t express how much I appreciate what they do, but I do—every day.”

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