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HIV Clinic

We offer comprehensive walk-in HIV clinical services and treatments in 13 northwest and north-central counties in Pennsylvania. Our team of HIV specialists, doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, and medical assistants travel throughout this region to offer state-of-the-art care in an outpatient setting.In several locations, PA Thrive has partnered with the Pennsylvania Department of Health to utilize its facilities. In other areas, PA Thrive uses dedicated clinical spaces to offer treatment, medical case management, dietary guidance, mental health services, lab tests, and fresh lunches. PA Thrive accepts most insurance and also offers Ryan White assistance if eligible.

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Our Locations

Services also include:

  • No-cost public transportation arrangements to/from office appointments

  • Face-to-face and telehealth options

  • Mail-in pharmacy

  • Multi-language fluency

On each visit:

  • Patient will provide updates to their address and insurance, and have appropriate consents signed.
  • Nurse will review the patient’s medication list.
  • Care provider (either doctor or nurse) will perform an examination that may include specimen collection.
  • Medications and treatments will be ordered at the patient’s preferred pharmacy.

Frequency of clinical visits for each patient will vary upon overall medical condition and medication tolerance. In general, most patients should see the HIV specialist once or twice a year. At the time of diagnosis, monthly visits may be recommended initially until the patient reports an improvement in their condition.

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